Blue Ant - Your Project Management Office Support

Complex project landscapes need a coordinating authority with a broad overview. Blue Ant project management software provides your project management office (PMO) with a professional tool for this purpose.

Project Management Office BlueAnt

Blue Ant - Your Project Management Office support

Centrally organise different project life cycles. Provide a framework for the planning and control of all projects in multi-project management. Keep an overview of the utilization of all resources and create reports at any time at the touch of a button to make informed decisions.

Project Management Office: Project management tool for support

The PMO (Project Management Office) is the central instance in multi-project management where all threads of all projects come together. One of the most important project management office tasks is therefore to provide an efficient infrastructure. Blue Ant offers the appropriate software solution and provides the project management office with a project management tool.

What are the functions of the PMO?

The functions of the project management office primarily include a monitoring role to ensure that minimum requirements are met and that the quality of a project is maintained. The PMO's tasks involve assisting in the setup of projects, for example by briefing the project management, creating the project, planning projects realistically or setting up the required reporting. Agile PMO prioritises projects to avoid conflicts. As a strategic PMO, however, the PMO does not intervene operationally in ongoing projects.

Blue Ant as a PMO tool for your portfolio management

Developed as a software solution for the management of large project portfolios, Blue Ant increases the efficiency of your PMO. Our tool helps you to use the available resources of your PMO more efficiently and to reduce costs. Blue Ant provides your program management with a clearly structured program dashboard that gives you a transparent overview of the entire project landscape at a glance. When individual projects become portfolios, Blue Ant supports you with a clear and intuitively understandable portfolio dashboard.

What if...? - Simulation of scenarios

The creation of successful project portfolios by the PMO requires the simulation of different scenarios. This is the only way to identify bottlenecks early on and meet deadlines on time. Blue Ant provides your PMO with the necessary tools to create, adapt and evaluate various simulations. Based on this data, capacities and budgets can be considered in important decisions in multi-project management. Afterwards, Blue Ant's controlling and reporting features help you to evaluate and assess your project or project portfolio.

Project Life cycle: The coming of age of a project

Blue Ant's powerful PMO tool offers a complete mapping of the entire project life cycle. You always have an overview of the maturity of your projects and can decide whether they are worth implementing. Track the various development stages of your projects, from order clarification to strategic evaluation to project completion.

Blue Ant enables your PMO to define and standardise customised processes and workflows for different project categories. Binding quality gates are established and decisions are made according to the dual control principle.

Blue Ant allows you to optimally manage the project life cycle of several projects simultaneously. The required data can either be entered directly in Blue Ant or imported from other systems via interfaces.

Blue Ant as a PMO tool for your resource management

Blue Ant also gives your PMO useful tools to support resource management in your projects. Both project and line management need adequate statements regarding the availability or utilization of all available resources, be they employees or materials. (no materials)

Knowledge management for team planning

Blue Ant's knowledge management facilitates resource planning and team configuration. The PMO quickly finds suitable skill profiles among employees and can take capacities into account. Blue Ant enables resource requests, reservations and early intervention in case of impending bottlenecks. Workload graphs help to identify and react to bottlenecks.

Use the portfolio management and resource management functions as a PMO instance

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