Sustainability at Hypergene GmbH

Sustainability Blue Ant

Ecological and social sustainability are firmly anchored in our corporate culture. We take responsibility for people and nature and treat our counterparts and our environment with care. We always bear social aspects and the protection of our natural resources in mind when making our economic decisions.

For this we pursue three central principles at proventis:

  • We implement concrete measures to reduce our energy and resource requirements.
  • We select resources and energy sources and ensure their efficient use, taking ecological aspects into account.
  • We close material cycles in the best possible way through reuse, recycling or compensation measures.

Resource protection projects


Reducing our CO2 emissions is an important issue for us. That’s why saving electricity is an integral part of our everyday office life. We have been using green electricity from the company Naturstrom, energy-saving lamps and LED technology since 2020. In order to act more sustainably, when furnishing our offices, we made sure that sufficient daylight makes artificial lighting unnecessary as far as possible. When it is necessary, lights can be adjusted to requirements. Room temperatures can also be regulated individually thanks to heating thermostats.

When purchasing new electronic equipment, we attach great importance to energy-saving features. Today, most computers and printers already have the Energy Star label and monitors have the TCO label. In accordance with our energy- saving guidelines, PCs and other office equipment are switched off or at least put into energy-saving mode outside office hours. Installing switchable power strips and using network printers also helps reduce our power consumption. Consumables
By significantly reducing our paper consumption, we want to help reduce our ecological footprint. For this reason, we use recycled products certified with the Blue Angel for both office and tissue paper and rely primarily on sustainably oriented suppliers when ordering office materials. By switching to electronic order processing and using the paper-saving duplex print function, we have already been able to significantly reduce our demand for paper and toner. Status August 2020 Page 1


When providing company catering, it is important to us that the products we use originate from organic sources. That's why we provide our staff with organic milk products and fruit free of charge. Coffee and tea are also organic and fair trade.

Waste recycling

We are committed to avoiding waste and reducing our use of raw materials. Materials such as cardboard boxes, paper, plastics, electrical waste and toner cartridges, energy-saving lamps and rechargeable batteries as well as organic waste
that cannot be avoided in our everyday office life are collected separately and returned to the recycling system.


To reduce business trips to a minimum, we at proventis have introduced various efficient, electronic communication channels. If travel is nevertheless necessary, it is usually done by train. For the daily commute to work, we offer our employees tax- privileged public transportation monthly tickets, which are in high demand. Many staff also cycle to the office.

Social sustainability

We live a healthy, family-friendly work-life balance by promoting flexible working hours and part-time models. Employees know that overtime will only be worked in exceptional, justified cases. Health is also important to us, which is why we attach great importance to ergonomic workplace equipment and workplace health promotion.

As part of our social commitment, we also regularly provide financial support to specified local facilities and projects.

Staff involvement in the Resource protection project group

An interdepartmental project group was set up to further promote sustainability and resource protection in the company. This team is our central point of contact for issues relating to social and ecological action and is committed to corresponding projects. The importance of this working group is demonstrated by the fact that its members include CEO Norman Frischmuth. The first result is a draft sustainability report, which is also published on our website.