Portfolio Management Software

Simple and straightforward with Blue Ant

Our Blue Ant project management software helps your company to structure and monitor all your current projects and activities. Thanks to the close integration of portfolio management with individual project and resource management in Blue Ant, you will no longer lose sight of your goals. Learn how Blue Ant helps you keep track of your project portfolio while maintaining the flexibility that is essential for successful project management.

Project Portfolio Management BlueAnt

Functions of Blue Ant portfolio management software

Efficient project portfolio management is invaluable for large companies. It enables strategic consolidation, coordinated management and comprehensive monitoring of all individual projects. With Blue Ant working alongside you, you can be sure that your overall business objectives will remain in focus and that you will maximise the success of your portfolio.

Choose Blue Ant and you will get a powerful toolset that provides the insight and analysis you need to make informed decisions. Whether it's allocating resources efficiently, minimising risks or identifying opportunities, our portfolio management software provides reliable support.  

The portfolio dashboard gives you an instant overview

With our portfolio dashboard we shed light on your project landscapes. No more tedious searching for important performance indicators - everything is clearly and transparently displayed. Blue Ant allows you to take full control of your project environment. 

Program dashboard: easy Management

The Program Dashboard makes project management easier than ever before. Prioritisation, development, profitability, adherence to schedules, utilisation and much more - all these important topics are illuminated in parallel thanks to Blue Ant.

The project life cycle under control

With our project life cycle tool, you get a clear view of the development of your project portfolio. All projects can be visualised using a Kanban board and moved along the project life cycle. You can navigate directly to the project details from here and see the status of all your projects using burn-down charts for all open tasks and a project and project milestone overview. Put an end to time-consuming research - experience efficient project portfolio management from a new perspective.

Simulation of scenarios

Our simulation tool unlocks a wealth of possibilities. Create different portfolio scenarios, simulate, check and optimise them. Use the tool for conflict testing and resolution. This way you can make informed decisions and subsequently incorporate the appropriate scenario into your ongoing project management.

Use active controlling

With Blue Ant, portfolio controlling is very easy: Simply select projects according to your wishes and generate the necessary key figures. Carry out analyses and thereby detect problems as early as possible. Control current and future project scenarios.

Create clear reports

Easily access important key figures. Create clear reports for stakeholder and shareholder management. Prepare your reports clearly:

  • GANTT chart
  • Bubble charts
  • Status reports
  • Tabular analyses

Blue Ant portfolio management software not only gives you the option of creating standard reports. You can also integrate individual reports.

Administration: Customized portfolio management

Design your portfolio management according to your requirements - with an individual, customizable user interface that is flexible, simple and fast. Customize everything based on your needs. Assign individual rights for each user and user group so that everyone gets exactly the information and functions they need. No more unnecessary distractions thanks to customized views for each staff member.

Use interfaces

Blue Ant is as flexible as a modular system and can be customized according to your individual needs. Extend it with web services, plug-ins and connections to third-party solutions. Thanks to its seamless integration via interfaces, you can be sure that you always have access to an up-to-date database.

Overview of functions:

  • All information at a glance with the portfolio dashboard
  • Bundle projects with the program dashboard
  • The project life cycle: from start to finish
  • Run simulations and make decisions
  • Analyses thanks to controlling
  • Reports with the most important key figures
  • Intuitive and individually configurable user interface
  • Easy integration into your IT