Portfolio Dashboard

A clear view of project portfolios with Blue Ant project management software. Portfolios cluster projects for controlling and also serve multi-project management. Project environments can be visualized and evaluated better as a result. Portfolio dashboards briefly and concisely summarize your key portfolio figures. You can keep constant track of the development of work effort, workload and the status of your projects with the portfolio dashboard.

Use the portfolio dashboard of our Blue Ant project management software as a springboard to further detailed information about your portfolio. You can go from the portfolio dashboard straight to the project overview, the project life cycle, Kanban board or the portfolio evaluation.

 Project life cycle

  • Display all your projects in a status swimlane
  • Identify the criticality of each project in the portfolio
  • Open the status swimlane as a Kanban board

Portfolio development

  • Display of the percent complete of all projects in the portfolio
  • Development of portfolio work effort in PLAN and ACTUAL
  • Stepless zooming of the time axis
  • Full screen presentation
  • Export of the graphic


  • Achieved and overdue portfolio milestones in relation
  • Approved and rejected resource reservations in relation
  • Number of all projects in the portfolio per status in relation
  • Project list incl. time, work and total status traffic light (filtering by project status)

Workload development (open activities)

  • Display of the number of open and completed activities over time
  • Stepless zooming of the time axis
  • Full screen display
  • Export of the graphic