Portfolio Administration

Flexible adaptation to your portfolio requirements with Blue Ant project management software. Project management software solutions must not only work well, they should also be easy to administer.  Configuring approval workflows, creating rights profiles and exchanging data with third-party applications are especially important in portfolio management. Blue Ant project management software supports both technical and business administration via the web interface. Configure your portfolio management as you need it; flexibly, easily and quickly.

Flexible user interface

  • 100% full web capability
  • Output to mobile devices with compatible browsers
  • Intuitive operation
  • Individual design of the start page and various other settings or use of profiles
  • Any language and format support (date, time, duration)
  • Simple and advanced search with predefined search settings
  • Preconfigured user views and tables
  • Ad hoc configuration of user views and tables
  • Compressed data overview through index cards
  • Complete adaptation of all texts, fields etc. to the corporate language
  • Freely definable menu entries

Enhanced customizing

  • Individual fields, including calculation, screens and sections/tabs with control of visibility throughout the whole system
  • Import/export of individual fields
  • Linking of free fields with other systems by URL-call
  • Customer-specific reports with BIRT report generator
  • Configurable workflows
  • Master data management and translation
  • Individual settings for each resource and project
  • Template definition for documents, emails, projects and ToDo lists
  • Format definition, pre-allocation of project numbers, quote numbers, invoice numbers, combined receipt numbers and individual receipt numbers
  • Definition of column configuration
  • Any exchange rate including history
  • Integrated Business Intelligent Reporting Tool (BIRT)
  • Administration dashboard with all important technical system information

Easy rights management

  • Any allocation for users and/or user groups
  • Individual storage of project related user rights
  • Definition of visibility of resources, project and controlling data for every resource using the internal organizational structure
  • Unlimited alias user names
  • Extra access rights for web services
  • Import/export of rights groups and their profiles