We trust multi-project management with Blue Ant.

Here you will find a selection of successful Blue Ant multi-project management installations in companies of all kinds. Please read our client reviews to learn more about the introduction of the Blue Ant software with our various customers.

Bosch 9935Feb1

Robert Bosch GmbH manages its product development projects with the multi-project management software Blue Ant

Bosch.IO GmbH, the software and systems house of the Bosch Group, designs, develops and operates innovative software and system solutions worldwide in the classic enterprise environment.
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GVL 7Ce04967

GVL manages its projects with the multi-project management software Blue Ant

The GVL - Gesellschaft zur Verwertung von Leistungsschutzrechten mbH is a trust company and was founded in 1959 by the Deutsche Orchestervereinigung and the Bundesverband der Musikindustrie.
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Gggg E0da2985

Focus on projects, resources and controlling - Wuppertal Institute implements research projects with Blue Ant

The Wuppertal Institute researches and develops models, strategies and instruments for transitions to sustainable development at regional, national and international level.
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Uwe Bojarra 257F8539

Blue Ant multi-project management software in action at Nolte Küchen GmbH & Co. KG

As one of the largest and most popular kitchen manufacturers in Germany, Nolte Küchen in East Westphalia produces high-quality fitted kitchens at an attractive price.
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Michael Mann 494A47b8

Waterproof multi-project management at KWC Franke Aquarotter with Blue Ant

KWC Franke Aquarotter GmbH is under the umbrella of the KWC Group. The company incorporates innovative water management systems and high-quality sanitary facilities.
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Gabriele Schwarz 8Afb2aa9

Experience of the introduction of Blue Ant at teamgnesda, Gnesda Real Estate & Consulting GmbH

teamgnesda accompanies its customers on the journey to their new office with professionalism, experience and sensitivity. The expertise of the company's interdisciplinary team ensures quality throughout the project.
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Berlin Hyp 4B856fd3

Blue Ant in action at Berlin Hyp AG

Berlin Hyp AG specializes in high-volume real estate financing for professional investors and housing companies and provides customized financing solutions.
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Armin Fiedler 500Px

Blue Ant in action at B A D GmbH.

As part of the B·A·D Group with more than 4,300 experts in Germany and Europe, B·A·D GmbH manages over 280,000 branches with over four million employees.
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Benjamin Rossel, KI Group 59C077e1

Blue Ant in action at KI group

The KI group is an IT management consultancy with a passion for Tech & Data as well as innovative and often disruptive IT solutions. The roots of the KI group go back to 1999. It is now represented at seven locations in Cologne, Stuttgart, Berlin, Munich, Lisbon, Leira and Zurich.
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Tamara Rapp 85A0c715

Blue Ant manages the projects of Onventis GmbH

The e-procurement specialist Onventis GmbH from Stuttgart supports purchasing departments and suppliers with efficient and secure procurement solutions from the German cloud.
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Schultheiss 0A6d3fb7

Off to Switzerland! Project management software Blue Ant in use at CEKAtec AG

CEKAtec AG in Wattwil is a developer and manufacturer of power tools and an engineering service provider for all manufacturing industries in Switzerland and neighbouring countries.
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Rustemeyer Sw 96F3d9e6

Avoiding rigid processes, supporting a variety of projects - Blue Ant in use at HiSolutions AG

HiSolutions AG, based in Berlin, is one of the most renowned consultancy firms for IT-governance, risk & compliance in the German-speaking world.
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Jasmin Atarodi II Klein 79D71300

Blue Ant project management software at X-act Cologne Clinical Research GmbH

X-act Cologne Clinical Research GmbH, based in Cologne has been successfully represented on the market as an independent contract research organization for 22 years. This privately owned company specializes in the areas of clinical data management and biostatistics in the field of clinical research.
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20180316 Anderschag Klein 60F13c23

FTI-Andersch AG well advised with multi - project management software Blue Ant

Andersch AG is the leading restructuring consultancy in Germany and specialises in the sustainable management of challenging corporate situations and change processes. Medium-sized and listed companies consult its experts in Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg and Düsseldorf about far-reaching decisions in the strategic, operational and financial areas.
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Foto Ständehaus 2 056E6517

ANLEI-Service GmbH manages its projects with the multi-project management software Blue Ant

ANLEI-Service GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Landeswohlfahrtsverband (LWV) Hessen and is responsible for marketing the data processing methods developed by LWV Hessen for inter-regional social security.
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MCP Gmbh Foto 4 E8b569d0

Introduction of the multi-project management software Blue Ant at MCP

MCP GmbH was founded in 2007 and is a consultancy company specializing in industrial production planning. With a team of 25, has specialized in advising medium-sized companies and global players.
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New 20180102105536 (1)

Transparency and support in Hannover. Web-based project- and resource management

The Landesamt für Steuern Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony State Tax Office) is responsible for the inspection and support of the Lower Saxony financial offices in the management of federal and state taxes (except excise taxes).
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Logo2 B7fc4993

Blue Ant multi-projekt management software at Stadtwerke Norderstedt

Stadtwerke Norderstedt is a municipal company that operates independently of third-party shareholders. For almost 40 years now, it has been the city's in-house operation, fulfilling its supply mandate.
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DAT RGB Silver RZ NEU!!! 17Db0a55

Using the multi-project management software Blue Ant, for increased transparency and planning security in its project business

Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH (German automobile trust) or DAT is an international company in the automotive industry, which collects and processes comprehensive vehicle data and makes it widely available to the industry inexpensively.
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Logo Media Impuls KG 2014 9246A7b2

Call-center works successfully with Blue Ant

Media impuls KG, established in Berlin, is a communication agency that works mainly in the field of Call-Centers, focusing on in- and outbound calls.
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