Blue Ant Project Management Software increases the quality of your projects

Framework and target conditions of projects are often more complex in practice than originally assumed. So, it is all the more important to keep an eye not only on times and costs, but on project quality, too. For project quality to develop, a framework must be created that includes clear structural specifications and established control mechanisms. 

BlueAnt More quality

Blue Ant Project Management Software provides this framework through standardisation and formalisation of processes, reports and project management methodology. Blue Ant Project Management Software helps all project participants adhere to the minimum requirements of high-quality project execution.

Project quality right from the start

Using project templates, you can establish a structured framework that allows you to set up new projects more quickly. In Blue Ant, create project templates which include your working practices, project processes, project task structure and corresponding project documentation. Using this form of project collaboration, you reduce the administrative effort of each employee while maximising performance.

Stable workflows for all projects

Define uniform procedures in the project life cycle for each project category. From project idea to billing, you can define individual statuses and decision-making bodies. Automated notifications ensure that all project stakeholders are informed of any decisions or changes in the project status.

This process helps you monitor the entire project landscape and is an important basis for the certification of your company according to DIN ISO 9001, for example.

Standardised and comparable status reports

Well-structured status report templates are filled autonomously using all available project information. The project managers themselves only have to evaluate and comment on the project status. This increases the data quality and unburdens project participants. You also ensure punctual delivery of status information from all projects with reminder functions and automated delivery processes. This greatly increases the quality of the management's decision-making process.

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