Project Billing

Optimal project billing support with Blue Ant. Project services are not provided for their own sake, but to achieve a goal. Stringent costing and billing form the foundations of sustainable project management. This applies to both external and internal projects.

Blue Ant prepares the proof of work performed and costs incurred automatically. All costs (work, material and travel costs) can be validated through testing and approval mechanisms, compiled within the project accounting and billed. Both billable and non-billable services can be selected based on any criteria, transfered to an ERP System or issued in your own forms (invoices, performance records etc.).

Fast selection of work performed

  • Selection of all costs relevant for billing
  • Adjustment and processing of billing data at field level
  • Adjustment of recorded work-times for projects and tickets to agreed billing intervals
  • Warning if billable services are not released in the billing period.
  • Overview of all non-billed work

Preparation of activity confirmations and invoices

  • Printable display of work-times
  • Optional display of all non-billable work
  • Fixed or automatic project billing
  • Partial billing of tickets

Administrative tools

  • Partial or complete cancellation of invoices
  • Rounding and capping functions for each invoice
  • Invoice layout definable per client
  • Status freely configurable (e. g."In checking","Released") for each invoice
  • Consideration of exchange rates including history