Project Resources

Optimal use of project resources with Blue Ant Project Management Software. An optimal use of resources not only ensures the success of individual projects, but also has a positive effect on the entire project landscape. Blue Ant helps you identify mistakes in utilization planning at an early stage and take appropriate counter-measures.

Different work schedules, country-specific holiday calendars and individual skills profiles help you plan the use of your resources. Integrated approval processes for resources, working hours, travel costs and absences are automatically intitiated and accelerate decision-making.

The central resource pool in Blue Ant gives you a quick overview of the actual use of resources, making it possible to identify mistakes and planning inconsistencies in on-going projects in advance.

Using the knowledge search you can quickly find appropriate resources for your project and request them by clicking on the respective resource manager. Employee utilization graphics and existing project reservations keep you informed in the preparatory stages and give you planning certainty.

Project resource costs



  • Definition of work-time calendars/work-time models for resources
  • Definition of resource cost-rates including historicisation
  • Cost rates in hours, man-days or months
  • Quick allocation of cost-rates according to resource’s position
  • Overview of availability and utilization

Knowledge management



  • Documentation of the available knowledge base in the company
  • Resource/utilization planning across projects
  • Virtual resources including replacement process
  • Skills definition for all resources (knowledge management)
  • Search for resources by required skills

Reservation of project resources



  • Automatic identification of reservation periods
  • Quick, cyclic resource reservation using the reservation plan
  • Reserve real and simulated team resources (departments)
  • Simulation of resources
  • Resource, project and company forecast
  • Requesting and approval of project resources
  • Support of resource planning by the Resource Manager through the definition of required skills

Management of project participants



  • Display of project team calendars incl. event invitations
  • Contact management, including corporate organization and cost centre structures
  • Definition and billing of service times
  • Holiday and absence management, including approval procedures
  • Access to absence overviews via smartphone
  • Resource calendar including export or linking of absences and public holidays