Blue Ant Project Management Software gives you an overview

Every action requires knowledge. You can only make correct, well-timed decisions if you know the status of your projects. Blue Ant Proejct Management Software gives you a quick, but thorough insight into your project landscape. You can gain an overview of the status of all ongoing projects at the push of a button. Or get a summary of the planned resource utilisation in the coming 12 months.

BlueAnt Simple overview

Are we doing the right projects or do we focus too much on existing issues? How innovative is our current project landscape and what risks have we taken? Can we take on the new customer project or do we lack the necessary resources?

Blue Ant Project Management Software answers these and many other questions with the help of information from portfolio, project and resource management.

360-degree reporting for your projects with Blue Ant Project Management Software

Define different user groups, which have an individual view of the projects, depending on their focus. The portfolio manager, for example, manages all risk-relevant projects. The program manager will ensure the smooth implementation of your new product strategy over the next five years. The main project manager controls all subprojects of his large project and the individual project manager manages his project.

With Blue Ant Project Management Software all project participants use and share the same data but have a very individual view of their projects.

Mass data always at hand with Blue Ant Project Management Software

Multi-project management involves a wealth of data. Blue Ant Project Management Software supports you with automatic compaction and processing and converts data into helpful management information. You can generate frequently used key figures on a daily basis and use them for your reporting using batch jobs.

Transparency with a sense of proportion

Restricted transparency is always required where data protection requirements arise, and should be tailored to the profile of the user. Blue Ant rights management saves you a lot of work by making it easy to control access to project data using the organisation chart. In addition, screens and fields in Blue Ant Project Management Software can be user-defined and hidden.

Sensitive data, such as absences or working hours, can be completely screened or partially anonymised according to the user in Blue Ant Project Management Software.

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