Manage Resource Requirements

Departments, capacities, skills: who is deployed where in the project and how intensively? Resource management is not needed to tell people what to do and when. It rather creates a documented basis for the use of resources, so that in the context of strategic planning it becomes transparent which capacities are necessary for projects, which areas people come from and which skills they need to bring with them. The current base load also provides information about which capacities are planned in existing projects and line work, and how much capacity is actually available for new topics.

Blue Ant project management software provides you with overviews of both requirements and planning.

Resource release and approval processes



  • Resource request to team leader
  • Situation-related request process (own team, external team, low demand, high demand)
  • Approval by team leader
  • Adjustment of approved requirements by team leaders

Availability at a glance



  • Approval processes for all absence types
  • Automatic reduction of availability using public holiday calendars and absences
  • Overview of team availability

Resource planning for the line



  • Line projects for the requirements planning of departments
  • Block base load per resource and week or month
  • Detailed planning of line tasks for exact periods (day, week, month, quarter)