Blue Ant Project Management Software reduces your costs

Project management does not come for free. This makes it all the more important to keep an eye on all costs at all times and to keep administrative management costs as low as possible. This can only be achieved without lowering quality requirements by efficiently interlinking the planning and controlling processes of all projects.

BlueAnt Less costs

Automated information processes, electronic approval and release processes, and cost transparency across all projects at the touch of a button are just some of the features that Blue Ant provides. Use an efficient and cost-saving infrastructure for your multi-project management.

Fast coordination and information processes

Uniform and partially automated processes speed up coordination and reporting processes and reduce the ongoing, administrative costs of your project management by up to 50%. So, you can use the capacity gained in this way for more productive tasks.

The monthly creation of a status report can cost a project manager one or two hours - every month and for every project. If in your company, for example, 20 projects are running in parallel, this means a time investment of up to 40 hours per month and 480 hours per year. Use Blue Ant to reduce this process to 15 minutes per project. This results in enormous potential savings from this process alone.

Cost saving data consolidation

Further time-consuming activities include releasing working hours, coordinating and approving holidays, requesting and billing travel expenses, and the initial creation of a project, as well as collecting project data for an overall capacity view or forecast data for the cost and revenue planning of the projects. All these processes can be accelerated with Blue Ant and done from one place. All data flows into Blue Ant as a multi-project management centre.

Cost-effective operation

Blue Ant offers extremely cost-effective operation compared to classic ERP systems. All administrative activities can be performed by you. If you also use the Cloud version, all internal hardware and support expenses are eliminated. With the monthly cloud fee you purchase the complete service (hosting, update service and data backup).

Outstanding value for money

Blue Ant is a professional multi-project management solution that already includes a variety of additional products. In addition to the core modules for project and multi-project management, you also get:

  • Work-time recording and management - included
  • Holiday management - included
  • Ticket management - included
  • Travel expenses management - included
  • Report generator - included
  • Receipt recording - included
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