What Blue Ant can do for your Project Management Office (PMO)




Portfolio management

Blue Ant helps you strategically align your project portfolio.

Define key figures, create different scenarios & monitor performance.

Create the basis for uniform reporting of all your projects.



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Project management

Blue Ant supports your project management with templates for planning and control.

Manage all projects transparently using freely definable decision points from idea to completion.

Benefit from clear controlling performance indicators for costs, resources and time.

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Resource management

Manage your company's capacities with Blue Ant and balance them between projects and operational topics.

Simulate potential projects and their impact on business units, taking required skills into account.

Use approval processes to reliably distribute resources between your projects.

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Why Blue Ant


Cost minimization

Blue Ant ensures uniform processes, from project initiation to completion, thus eliminating the need for redundant stand-alone solutions. Complex evaluations can be created on an ad hoc basis without additional effort, and uneconomical project processes can be detected and prevented at an early stage.

How to save costs with Blue Ant


Increase in quality

Uniform templates, methods and reports guarantee consistently high quality in all projects and make deviations from quality standards quickly visible. In addition, a structured project lifecycle helps you to formalize your planning, especially in the initial phase of your projects.

How to increase quality with Blue Ant



Blue Ant is a sustainable solution: rights, workflows, screens, reports and the wording in the tool can be adapted to your needs over the years. This keeps you flexible and protects your investment.

How Blue Ant adapts to your company


Seamless integration

Blue Ant offers a variety of interfaces and connectors that allow data exchange with your ERP systems. Blue Ant’s reporting also allows you to create all management documents according to your corporate design. Our consultants accompany you during the introductory workshop and training sessions. They assist your Blue Ant configuration, define the processes with you, carry out awareness-raising measures for project participants and managers, and also supervise your project management office (PMO) if required.

How interfaces and add-ons work in Blue Ant



Portfolio, program, projects and line activities: a wide range of topics. To make important decisions, you need a good overview. With Blue Ant, the project landscape is structured consistently, enabling a clear assignment of responsible resources. Which project themes are involved and in which context? Which resources are participating and which budget will be used? Are there thematic overlaps? Which issues are strategically relevant for the company? Blue Ant helps you answer these questions.

How to maintain an overview with Blue Ant