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Optimize resource planning with Blue Ant.

A large number of priority projects shape the company's everyday business and influence single and multi-project management. A lack of resource transparency leads to unrealistic project plans. This reduces the motivation to plan at all and projects are pushed from one week to the next. Regulated resource management is not difficult to achieve. Our Blue Ant resource management software offers solutions for resource allocation, bottleneck identification and capacity distribution between line and project. The central resource pool integrates the company structure, employee details and approval processes.

Resource Management BlueAnt

Multi Project Resource Management with Blue Ant

Your resource management tool for transparency and oversight

Resource planning and resource management are two of the main pillars of any successful multi-project management. Only if you have a transparent overview of the utilization of your staff can you set up your projects reliably and implement them without delays. With Blue Ant's resource management tool, you always have an overview of all important types of resources:

  • Specific resource: “I absolutely need Mr. Maier with his many years of experience in the area of XY for my project team.”
  • Virtual resource / undetermined resource: “I need a person for my project team. Their skills are not crucial.”
  • Team resource / unspecified resources: “I need someone from the XY department for my project team, who exactly it is, isn't crucial."

Identify resource needs – Where are resources needed?

The Blue Ant resource tool shows all required resources for ongoing and upcoming projects. As a resource manager, you can immediately see the requirements for projects, business units and teams, as well as the required skills and staff. This facilitates a valuable overall view of the company's resource management. Blue Ant provides a data-driven basis for project prioritization, provides an overview of the multi-project landscape and creates project-related insights, enabling you to optimize resources continuously.

Resource planning with Blue Ant - Finding the right resource and planning ahead

When searching for the optimal resources for every project, our knowledge management tool is also there to help you. Identify specifically required skills and competences in your team and request the appropriate people as resources with ease using an effective tool that supports the process and allows you to keep an eye on utilisation when planning resources.

A smooth process thanks to project simulation

Immerse yourself in the world of optimal project flow with our project simulation tool. Even with unforeseen cases of illness or other surprises, you remain in control. Adjust your resource planning and make informed decisions to guide your ongoing project smoothly.

How Blue Ant supports you in the controlling of your resources

As you know the correct management of your resources has a decisive influence on your project plan. Can you meet the planned time and budget? If you don't regularly monitor your resources, you will quickly find yourself lost in the complex project landscape of multi-project management.

Blue Ant enables precise resource controlling, detects deviations from plans and preserves a clear basis for decision-making. Do not start projects when there are delays in other important projects to ensure successful project completion. In addition to complex analyses, Blue Ant also allows you to easily design ad-hoc evaluations, automated reports and data-based resource management to suit your individual requirements.

All participants maintain an overview

  • As a team leader, you can see at an early stage whether there are enough resources or whether certain resources are overloaded.
  • As a project manager, you keep an overview of the resources allocated to you at all times. By using our controlling, you can see directly whether you are using your resources correctly, over-scheduling or even have free resources that you can release again.
  • As a manager, you need regular evaluations to understand which projects are generating work effort. Is the amount of effort being expended going as you and your resource management had planned? Or is the effort developing in a different direction? If so, it's time to intervene.

Flexible integration of Blue Ant resource planning

Controlling needs data. And data needs Blue Ant. If you do not enter all data directly in Blue Ant, you can use Blue Ant's various predefined interfaces. Availability data, absence data, and data on working hours can either be managed directly in Blue Ant or easily imported via interfaces from your HR software, your ERP tool or from other third-party solutions.

With Blue Ant as a central hub for resource planning and management, you prevent duplicate data and data that is never synchronised. This saves you a lot of work – and costs! Furthermore, data processing is carried out in accordance with the GDPR.

Overview of the functions for your resource management:

  • Resource requirements
  • Knowledge management
  • Simulation
  • Controlling & reports
  • Interfaces