Knowledge Management

Effective knowledge management with Blue Ant Project Management Software. Knowledge is the essential production factor of your projects. Using knowledge maps and profiles in Blue Ant Project Management Software, you can always keep an eye on your important project resources.

You can quickly find suitable project resources for your project and request them from the respective resource manager using the knowledge search in Blue Ant. Staff utilization mountains and existing project reservations keep you informed in the run-up to a project resource request and give you planning security.


Manage knowledge



  • Free definition of the knowledge tree and criteria
  • Creation of target profiles for staff positions
  • Assignment of skills and defined characteristics to staff

Use knowledge



  • Resource search via skills
  • Knowledge maps in the form of bar, network or line diagrams
  • Project resource requests incl. TARGET skills
  • Utilization mountains for each position (skills profile)
  • Availability of free capacities of the desired profiles
  • Definition of required knowledge per activity
  • Conversion of virtual resources into resource requests