Work-Time in the Project

Effective work-time recording with Blue Ant Project Management Software. Ascertaining actual work performed in a project is essential for effective project management. Blue Ant supports the user with simple and flexible recording options.

Using time recording you can simply and quickly record your labour expenses for projects, activities and tickets. Whether in the office or on the road, you have convenient access to your data with any Internet-supported device. This saves a lot of time - your time.

All times can be validated using approval workflows and confirmed by project managers or supervisors. Approved working hours are the basis for allocation of costs, accounts and data exports to other ERP systems.

Quick time recording



  • Templates for work-time recording
  • Quick and exact recording with the Stopwatch function
  • Simple recording with day and week overviews
  • Percent complete recording
  • Display of the weekly quota and work that has already been booked
  • Overall view of project and ticket work-times

Comprehensive recording



  • Time recording with calendar function and weekly overview
  • Individual time recording incl. start and end time as well as break or duration
  • Configuration of the recording type for each resource
  • Recording of estimated overtime or remaining work
  • Completion reporting of weekly work-times
  • Completeness check of work-times based on the work-time model
  • Specification of reasons for non-billable work-times, including consideration in billing
  • Locking of the calendar week after completion report
  • Recording of Clock in/Clock out times configurable for each resource

Administrative tools



  • Recording of work-times for other resources
  • Transfer of work-times (across projects)
  • Export of work-times including export ID and edit-lock
  • Recording for each resource using ‘From/To’ times or by ‘Duration’
  • Recording of work-time intervals can be set for each resource
  • Overbooking of activities configurable per project
  • Limit recording of work-time to the activity period for each project
  • Overbooking of role-specific quotas configurable per project
  • Use of cost centres to accurately invoice hours worked
  • Overtime account, including carry-over and flexitime bookings
  • Selectable release processes for work times
  • Collective transfers of work-times including releases
  • Deadline rule for work-times
  • Definition of free checking routines for recorded work-times (Batch run)
  • Cyclical import of time recording from external systems