Resource Simulation

Identify and avoid bottlenecks. When planning and prioritizing new projects, resource management provides important parameters for decision-making. So, in addition to the question of anticipated costs, the question of resources and their realistic availability is part of strategic planning. Ignoring bottlenecks on the drawing board leads to an indistinct project landscape in which planning makes little sense and fails to guarantee the provision of the necessary resources.


For this reason, the requirements situation of the line and of all ongoing projects must be taken into account, especially when determining the project portfolio. Of course, bottlenecks can be quickly eliminated by giving a project a higher priority. However, this creates bottlenecks in other projects. With Blue Ant project management software, you can monitor these dependencies constantly.

Scenario technique

  • Creation of any scenario
  • Definition of budget limits and capacity thresholds
  • Import all projects of a portfolio or program
  • Ad hoc creation of new projects
  • Definition of different project priorities
  • Reschedule, extend, shorten projects
  • Real-time checking of all changes for capacities
  • Copy scenarios

Conflict analysis

  • Conflict resolution down to the resource or skill level
  • Consideration of the company organization chart for different views
  • Display of the remaining load of line work
  • References to program or main project specifications

Scenario transfer

  • Transfer of ad hoc projects into the project landscape
  • Use of project templates during project transfer
  • Conflict resolution assistant (e.g. in case of a changed resource situation of the real project landscape)