Ticket topics and ticket workflows

  • Free workflow configuration, including responsibilities and notifications for each ticket type
  • Assistance of support team
  • Order of work and tasks for participants and creation of ToDos
  • Support of reminder functions
  • Quick recording using ticket templates


Service Level Agreements

  • Illustration of Service Level Agreements, including support time, reaction and warning times, as well as billing category
  • Configuration of escalation and warning mechanisms
  • Different cost rates

Administrative tools

  • Copying of tickets into existing or new activities
  • Creation of new activities from a ticket
  • Creation and editing of tickets via email via any email account, including domain white lists
  • Full integration into work-time recording, project management, evaluation and controlling
  • Seamless integration of all plan and actual values in resource management
  • Escalation via smartphone
  • Thematic linking of tickets with projects and/or activities
  • Invoicing of tickets via project billing