Project life cycle

  • Display all your projects in a status swimlane
  • Identify the criticality of each project in the portfolio
  • Open the status swimlane as a Kanban board

Program development

  • Display of the percent complete of all projects in the program
  • Development of program work effort in PLAN and ACTUAL
  • Stepless zooming of the time axis
  • Full screen presentation
  • Export of the graphic


  • Achieved and overdue program milestones in relation
  • Approved and rejected resource reservations in relation
  • Number of all projects in the program per status in relation
  • Project list incl. time, work and total status traffic light (filtering by project status)

Workload development (open activities)

  • Display of the number of open and completed activities over time
  • Stepless zooming of the time axis
  • Full screen display
  • Export of the graphic