Update information 23.0

The 'Update information' document gives you a comprehensive overview of all new features in Blue Ant.

Update information 23.0 (943.5 KiB)

Range of functions 23.0

The 'Range of functions' document gives you a comprehensive overview of all the features in Blue Ant.

Range of functions 23.0 (4.8 MiB)

proventis consulting services

We provide you with project management know-how in the form of consulting, training an ongoing support.

proventis consulting services (587.1 KiB)

Blue Ant Software review 14.0

You will find a detailed article on Blue Ant in the Software review.

Blue Ant Software review 14.0 (917.7 KiB)

Blue Ant Product information

You will find the most important information on Blue Ant summarised in our product brochure.

Blue Ant Product information (4.9 MiB)

System requirements

With Blue Ant, you can flexibly design and process information at technical and organizational levels. The basis of Blue Ant's technology is an open-system world.

System requirements (276.1 KiB)

proventis company brochure

Get to know the company that is behind "Blue Ant".

proventis company brochure (4.1 MiB)

proventis terms and conditions

Here you can download proventis terms and conditions.

proventis terms and conditions (96.4 KiB)