Call-center works successfully with Blue Ant

Media impuls KG, established in Berlin, is a communication agency that works mainly in the field of Call-Centers, focusing on in- and outbound calls.

"With the help of media impuls KG, proventis was able to successfully extend its customer list. Since April 2006, all the projects of the communication agency media implus KG are planned and conducted using the Blue Ant software."

Improved coordination and control

The extensive order-related functions of a company were to be controlled and coordinated using software. Since its creation in February 2005, media impuls had been searching for a software solution that could provide a way to keep track of the various projects of the company, as well as their costs. Another goal of the company was to find a software that could allow for the professionalization of project-planning, as well as help organize the communication between the agency and its many freelance workers.
The following goals were set:

  • need for transparency of projects already accomplished and their related costs
  • resources/operational planning, especially for freelancers
  • progress control of individual projects using employee reporting
  • distribution of orders in individual work packages, as well as a system of assigning tasks to employees
  • guarantee of the filing of the most recent documents
  • access to all project data independent of location and support of work done at home
  • use of a web-based application, as data should be accessible from any location
  • low installation and maintenance costs

The main purpose of the installation of a software was the need for transparency of project-related activities, and thereby of costs and benefits of individual projects.

Introduction of the software

Through the use of the web-based software Blue Ant, media impuls KG was able to enjoy effective controlling of projects, something that the rapidly growing business was looking for. The software also allowed for the proper calculation of further project supplies.

"Blue Ant supports us with various processes, among other things with recording worked hours or holiday approvals. Proving to our customers how many hours our employees needed to complete a project now happens at the push of a button thanks to the Blue Ant software," reports Frank Simon, manager of media impuls KG.

"The fact that the software is completely web-based is another important advantage. I often need to travel for work, so the fact that the utilisation of the software is independent of place and time is indispensable. This function os also very practical for all of our freelance workers," continues Frank Simon.
The intuitive operability of Blue Ant and the small training expenditures has convinced Frank Simon of the value of the Blue Ant software.

Project managers appreciate the logical function of the software above all

It only took four hours to install the master data and shortly afterwards, the Blue Ant software was available to 15 media impuls KG employees.
The project managers welcomed the logical function of the already entered data, which makes evaluation possible in various locations. »The Blue Ant software helps me to better supervise my projects,« says Jan Lemmer, project manager for media impuls KG.

Blue Ant has been used as an ASP-Solution software by media impuls KG since April 2006.

(Client Review from 2006)