Blue Ant takes banks and savings banks to the next multi-project management level

A challenge for banks is the structured steering of projects along a transparent project maturity level. In this context, project eligibility checks and the prioritisation of projects play an important role. Regulatory projects that are predefined in terms of deadlines and partly also in terms of content reduce the room for manoeuvre of all projects. It is therefore all the more important to prioritise all projects in order to be able to allocate resources and budgets strategically.

The use of resources and especially the balance between line and project capacities is also fundamental in the banking environment. The goal must be to obtain an overview of the availability and needs of resources. This is the only way to implement strategic long-term and medium-term planning of the portfolios.


How does Blue Ant support your bank?

  • Blue Ant provides a freely configurable project life cycle directly as a workflow. For each project category or project type, you can map various degree-of-development or maturity models: Everything is possible in Blue Ant, from the project idea to project evaluation, prioritisation, clarification, planning, implementation and operation. Various stakeholders can be integrated in a four- or multiple-eye principle.
  • Blue Ant's flexibility in terms of free fields and screens, which you can define yourself, allows you to map complex scoring models and to integrate scoring into all relevant evaluations and overviews of Blue Ant.
  • Blue Ant's resource management helps you to find suitable resources, with request and approval processes for employees, team planning and the simulation of utilisation scenarios in the portfolio.

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Read in this whitepaper how to implement solid Project portfolio management (PPM) in your bank in 4 steps.

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Get a step-by-step guide to building sustainable resource management in your bank in our webinar. You will learn how to set priorities, how to keep budget, resources and portfolio management on track.

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Watch our video: "Multi-project management at Investitionsbank Schleswig-Holstein" and learn how Blue Ant is used there.

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