Mr Myszka
deputy chairman


»The undeniable advantage of the system is that it gives a full spectrum summary of the current business situation in the company.«

The Polish company PGI COMPASS SA, based in Kraków, has been using the multi-project management software Blue Ant since December 2009, with a total of 77 users. Mr. Myszka, the deputy chairman and the man responsible for Blue Ant at PGI COMPASS SA, talked us through the reasons why he chose to introduce Blue Ant to his company.

Mr. Myszka, what does PGI COMPASS S.A. specialize in?

COMPASS, Geomatics and Information Technology Company offers geoinformatic products and consulting services in a range of geodesy, cartography, photogrammetry, IT, teledetection, management, design and database updates for Spatial Information Systems, as well as development of software and own geoinformatic technologies. The Company cooperates with local and international business partners.

How long have you been using Blue Ant for project management and how satisfied are you with Blue Ant?

We have been using Blue Ant since January 2010. After 1 ½ years of using the multi-project management software, we can say that Blue Ant meets our company's requirements in full.

In which areas of PGI COMPASS S.A. is Blue Ant being used?

The system offers a wide range of tools and applications, giving a highly flexible approach to many non-project tasks as well. We use it not only for the project management of a variety of projects carried out for our clients (e.g. IT, software technical support, engineering and data processing services), but also for internal administrative and operational purposes e.g. internal quality audits, professional training, quotes and transactions, etc.

How did you integrate Blue Ant into your multi-project-management landscape?

An excellent rights system, configuration and login management tools, which are built into Blue Ant allowed it to be customized to our business operation model, in accordance with the PRINCE 2 standards used by our company. We were able to manage and divide users into separate user groups, depending on competency level: management; financial; logistics; operation and production level.

What was decisive in the decision to use Blue Ant as multi-project-management software?

The undeniable advantage of the system is that it gives a full spectrum summary of the current business situation in the company – at any given moment, one can review how many and which tasks are performed within the whole company, which resources are engaged as well as the level of costs generated. The current status of key project elements displayed on the project dashboard, and the advanced system of analysis and reporting tools, allow system users to monitor project progress and to generate customized reports at any given time within the project period. It is very important for us that the reports can be generated in such a way as to be relevant and helpful at different levels: management level, project manager level, controlling level, and so on. The report generator tool not only allows you to produce standard reports, but also to customize the reports and to save them in the most common formats (PDF, html, csv). A well-organized interface and user-friendly web browser environment make the system easy and pleasant for all users.
Forthcoming modifications and new tools that the system offers in version 8 indicate how dynamically the system is developing, and this emphasis on development was also a factor in our decision.

How did you feel about the current cooperation with proventis?

proventis maintains excellent contact with us as clients and is open to suggestions for the improvement of Blue Ant. Their flexibility with regard to customers' requirements and tailored solutions demonstrates their professionalism.

Mr. Myszka, thank you for your time!